Attachment & Detachment – Being Adult

Attachment is clinging to anything you believes is needed for your survival and pleasure. Attachment is the source of all our pleasures now. We are attached to our friends, to our relatives; we are attached to our intellectual and spiritual works; we are attached to external objects so that we get pleasure from them. What, again, brings misery but this very attachment? We have to detach ourselves to earn joy. If only we had the power to detach ourselves at will, there would not be any misery. That man alone will be able to get the best of nature, who, having the power of attaching himself to a thing with all his energy, has also the power to detach himself when he should do so. The difficulty is that there must be as much power of attachment as that of detachment. There are men who are never attracted by anything. They can never love, they are hard-hearted and apathetic; they escape most of the miseries of life. But the wall never feels the misery, the wall never loves, is never hurt;…

Birthday Celebrations - Being Adult

Celebrating one's birthday is a unique event that's meant to be shared with loved ones. Birthdays are just like seasons, most of them welcome with open arms, and others may take a little warming up to. But to mark a milestone, we should be doing something with favourite people in one room to reminisce about the past year and coming year. A typical birthday party for an adult consists of family and friends and usually involves a cake, birthday card, dinner, games, music and much more. To be more specific in India, we expect Mid-Night calls, Surprises, Fun, Wine and many such things from our most loved and favourite peoples. This cannot be limited but endures the partnership and how strong the bonding is existing between people. A call, email, text, or a personal visit to greet them on this special day is almost required as an annual maintenance task of every individual in all the certainties of Family Bonding, Romantic Bonding and Platonic Bonding.
Diplomacy Linked with Birthda…

Appointments Etiquette - Being Adult

With almost a month of long haul, I am glad to write again. Being a responsible adult is always an important task, and one of the most important ingredients of it is the “Appointments”. There is an etiquette for making and keeping very critical appointments, and most of us miss it. Valuing Time: The value of time becomes more precious as we get busier in life, so when you schedule an appointment with anyone, you need to see it as a valuable commodity. Never intentionally waste that time or treat it without the respect it deserves. If you schedule an appointment, proper etiquette dictates that you keep it. Scheduling: Before giving someone an appointment, it is worth enough to check the calendar/wife/husband/secretary or whoever will be a timekeeper for you. One of the rudest things is not turning up or honouring our words. Busy Moments: We are all busy. Anyone who is not retired or unbelievably rich is busy, and even a lot of retired and remarkably rich people are busy too. If someone t…

Hypermobility – Sick & Sad darker side of a Traveler

When people meet me, they ask me this redundant question about travel and most of them express their jealousness on hearing my hypermobility. Elite forms of movement, such as for business, holidays or diplomatic journeys, are largely shown in a positive light in contemporary societies. Although there is unevenness in the portrayal of corporeal mobilities with growing fear over epidemiological threats facilitated through global mobility, negative representations of flight from poverty and persecution and the problematizing of irregular migration, mobility for business and pleasure is typically glamorized and encouraged in more privileged societies. The glamorization of elite mobility is part of broader processes of global capitalist consumption within conditions of neoliberalism, wherein circulation and accumulation within networks are unevenly experienced and materialized. Social capital is increasingly based on one’s power to be mobile and cultivate global networks which are usually…

Expectational Trust - Factor of Life

In our life, we always have expectations and trust in someone or some situations. When it combines together, it gives the blend of Expectational Trust. It differs from person to person and situation to situation how we are attached with the person or situation.
When someone breaches this expectational trust, it should be learnt that they are trying to emotionally hack. Technologically, they want us to lower our values and get it happened. I recently remember speaking about this at my book release ceremony which happened at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when someone asked about my personal loss because of the smartphone.

There are lots of live examples when we go for a restaurant with a friend and if he knows that you missed your wallet, he should pay for it immediately. Should not wait until we ask out for the bill payment. And there are some more worst people to whom even after asking out, they will refuse to pay showing off. They expect us to beg to pay or make some alternative source for…

Do we need to be hurt more to remove someone from our life?

"Do we need to be hurt more to remove someone from our life?" - This title maybe bit weird for someone but it is the one which plays hugely with one's emotional content. Always February 19 every year is a bit deadly for me and by the chance or other I lose someone either Physically or Emotionally. In 2010, it was missing someone physically from this world, and in 2013 I lost someone emotionally; repeated the same in 2016 and now again in 2019. Is this is the problem with the date, or I am expecting everyone more than anything. Maybe a bit long post (around 18 - 22 minutes and 3000+ words) with real-life incidents.
I regret that the time and energy which I spent towards maintaining this friendship has been wasted all these times. I have been continuously attempting to build a bridge, but he has been converting it to be as a Wall. Now the maximum tolerance point is achieved, and it seems I have lost my self-respect heavily in this engagement. When there are numerous frien…

Commitment is not just a Word, it is an Act

In the present world, we see many people miss the conduct code by skipping the term "Commitment" assuming it as a word. In reality, it is an act. And this act needs loads of consistent behaviour, and it happens over some time. A strong commitment exhibits an executive leadership skills of an individual through their behavioural consistency. It took me years to understand the difference between Interest and Commitment.
In nut-shell, commitment is a connection between our values, intentions and actions over some time. Though it is just a choice of adhering or not-adhering, commitment is just an internal process which one needs to follow. Adding, it is self-expression and not to be influenced or enforced by external agents. Talking to people about five years down the road is hard for them to get their head around, especially for young people who are accustomed to instant gratification. People want success now, and few are willing to be patient.
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Secret of Success is whom You Marry / Stay Friends

There is an untold story about the Secret of Success is whom you Marry / stay Friends! Now, the story is proved by Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Whether we realize it or not, these people influence your entire thoughts and empower your strength visibly and invisibly.


Graduation Speech / Guest Vietnam & Maldives

Good Morning Everyone!

It is an immense pleasure in being here on the invitation of Prof. Tao. This morning is very special one for me as I was blessed to smell the air of 3 countries in hours, and obviously the controlled air in 1 country.

Everyone gets a degree, what makes you proud and captivated is the question of the hour. All that is required at the end of this programme which is never mentioned in the curriculum is that “Human Network”. This network should be well maintained and watered throughout the life even while crossing the difficult steps.


Characteristics of a Drunk / IP

Disclaimer: I am a non-drinker!
Drinking alcohol with close ones is more important for the self-evaluation. Without addiction, a normal occasional drinking is perfectly fine. Even during those times, it is recommended for a perfect brand without adulteration. I thought of writing all my experiences of being with Drunk and Intoxicated and Intimate Persons.
In the United Kingdom and the United States, we use to address them as VIP on first vision. VIP claims to the abbreviation of identification of Visually Intoxicated Person.
Here are few of the Characteristics:

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Bromance over Romance - Privileging the Bromance - A study & Examples

Young men get more emotional satisfaction out of “bromances”—close, heterosexual friendships with other males—than they do out of romantic relationships with women, according to a small new study published in Men and Masculinities. This study along with a few examples in the reality exemplifies that men need more bromance than romance. Bromances can be important to heterosexual men, and can, in fact, be even more valued than romances.
We all have one or two close friendships with whom we share more intimate things without borders and this article is all about it. This article only for men, so girls don't!
Just like "Blood is thicker than Water", similar it is "Bromance is stronger than Romance". I have written a few answers in Quora earlier about how the loss of a friend in life affects your performance. We may have many friends, but a "Bro" could be one or two. Calling / Addressing you as "Bro" doesn't mean unless I feel the term without …

Women - A most respected Creature - Thoughts for Men

"Sex is sweet but there is poison in between the legs" 
Most downfalls of men are caused by MULTIPLE girlfriends.
Sex is a spiritual encounter I stand to be corrected, not every girl has a good spirit, some are a demon, some has poison in between their legs. Some are killers and destiny destroyers, be careful. Worst is a man who can't control his sexual urge.
A man who can control his sexual urge is a man who can live for many years on earth.
1. Having many girlfriends does not make you a man. It only makes you a womanizer, a cheat, sinner and a boy.
2. A real man has only one woman(wife) in his life.
3. For the fact that you are good in bed does not make you a man. A real man is a man who does not run away from his responsibility but faces it squarely.
4. You don't need to sag your trousers and walk around the street before girls will love you. Infact it is only small boys those sag trousers and it is premature little girls that fall in love with men who sag trousers.
5. Do…

Graduation Day Commencement Speech @ Sri Lanka

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 10 Seconds / Speech Time: 9 Minutes 4 Seconds
Today, the day of your official transformation from Quantity to Quality carried away by this 9 grams of paper shielded in 140 grams of the holder is going to be a stronger date in your entire life. For most of them, it may be an end card, where for some it would be a beginning. Everyone is comfortable in their timezone; where time is linear and life is never meant to be such.
I happened to visit the Keells Supermarket which was just a few meters away from my station this morning. The manager who greeted me was a bit friendly as I was the only customer and I wanted to get some paper packed juices for my breakfast. He was suggesting me few juice packs and directed me to the right section. When I reached that section, I saw different varieties of juices and started the usual Economist way of thinking and started my hunt. I saw a pack being labelled as 30 rupees which usually used to be 200 rupees in my hometown. Was deli…

Shouldering a Girl for Half-a-Journey to the United Kingdom

Every Journey in my life counts and my very recent Journey to the United Kingdom was really more impressive and soul-satisfying. Stop Judging me with the above statement. This is my 100th post and if you didn't get me till now, a hard regret for your understanding ability.
After a very long-time in-service, I happened to fly in Jet Airways from New Delhi, India to London, United Kingdom. It was a quite long travel for around 9 hours and 10 minutes.

Since it was my own money, I flew in Economy Class and got my preferred seat. I got a window seat on the 38th row. A descriptive is shown in the below image, but not the actual seatmap.

With last few passengers left behind boarding the aircraft, I arrived at the gate and boarded the aircraft. Was really happy to see that my next seat is empty and frequent travellers can surely feel its pleasure. OMG! The pleasure didn't last long. A mid 20's girl was searching for her seat with a small handbag. She arrived near my seat and claimed …

Adult friendships are more Responsible & Choosing them Wiser is more Important

Have you ever wondered if you have very less number of friends in adulthood than your school or college days? Adult friendships are more responsible in nature and choosing them wisely is important according to me. Don't have more than 10 in number. Than coining them as friends, they should be like your formed family.

What a lot of people don’t appear to understand is that the single easiest way to make friends is to show up when it matters — and the single easiest way to lose friends is to, well, not.
That sounds obvious, but a pattern I’ve observed again and again among the people in my social circle (a social circle that skews young and urban, to be clear) is that they often don’t have close meaningful friendships. They want them, but they aren’t willing to go out of their way to dedicate time and effort to developing these relationships.
Take this scenario. You met someone who seems really cool, and you immediately think you could be good friends. They invite you to hang out again…

Indian Friendship - Trust & Respect

More than a decade, the real fruit of acquiring a friend was missed in my life. In a friendship trust and respect are the only components, others are not even into the list. The blossoming period of life, the school thought me much in India but failed to teach me life lessons. And, being an Indian Kid, I had been constantly controlled, monitored and directed whom to speak with and whom not to. Not limited to the gender, there was a heavy restriction on the selection and this selection was done by my parents; yes you read it right. To say more about the Indian theocratic society, the 1950 - 1990 parents are more concerned about the Religion, Caste, Color and Social Status. Usually, the wingspans are the cut short for an individual and they fix it with Fevicol artificially.
There are millions and millions of factors imposed by the parents and guardians while choosing one friend. This decision of choosing is highly impacted. Do never exclude me from this list, I have been in the same posi…

Keystones on Intimidating Personality

People possessing this type of personality are absolute love for me! No matter blanketing their gender, there will a free hug from me :-)

Transparent Enough:
The one who is strong in the decision and ability to communicate it with the fullest level of transparency is a need for me. I have seen people getting behind me and speaking. I don't know what they speak and don't bother about them. But if you want things to be flat, speak infront of me. But, I do!
Strong and Firm Decision:
Decision making is the biggest art. Those who can make a strong and firm decision as a leader is learned personality. I have seen people who aren't able to make a firm decision, I understand that decisions are highly influential in Asian countries, but still then. But, I do!
Hate Small Conversations:
Are you one who talk to me small conversation as we speak to customer care? Then, there is no space for you! If you speak with me for less than 15 minutes in the first meeting, mind it; that will be the las…

Nail Theory / Nail Therapy

Thought of writing about the Nail Theory which indicates that require Nail Therapy immediately. We see our nails every day but we don't care about them. This isn't ignorance, instead, it is least priority scaling. With few illustrations (stolen from somewhere :-P ), I thought of enlighting everyone.

If you find any of these identifications, take the steps to ratify.

Average Indian Life

Indians Life are very interesting. Starting from pushing to choose friends to writing will, nothing happens on their own. Here is a compilation which says about the Average Indian Life.

Just born, receives a slap on the butt.
Injections and vaccinations.
Rubs shit on the body, stinks.
Sleeps between parents, ruins their sex life.
Thrown into pre-nursery school at the age of 2 years.
School interviews, admission.
Has to carry the load of a bag like a donkey.
Exams, insults, exams, suspension, exam, PTM, tuitions, sports, exams, report cards, exams, warnings, exams, finds true love of life.
Schooling over, lover finds someone else in new college.
College life, fun, friendships, fests, movies, night outs.
No placement, depression, insults, family pressure.
Placed finally in an average company with an average profile. Takes parents on a pilgrimage.
Purchases Hero Honda Passion, aims for Royal Enfield.
Makes a girlfriend at the office.
Transportation cost 5,000 INR , salary 15,000 INR.
Gets a BlackBerry f…

VISA on Arrival for Indians at Dubai, UAE

Indian passport holders with a valid American visa or a Green Card will now be eligible to obtain a UAE visa on arrival, as per the decree approved by the UAE Cabinet. The decision to have a simplified visa process is aimed at advancing the UAE-India relations in economic, politics, and trade. It also contributes to achieving UAE’s vision to be the leading country in attracting global tourism. The visa will be valid for 14 days, with a single extension possible for a fee.
“Citizens of the Republic of India who are holders of normal passports with a six-month, or more, valid green card or visa issued by the United States of America shall be granted entry visas to the UAE from all ports for a period of 14 days, subject for a single renewal for the same period upon payment of applicable fees,” an official statement said.
Lots of queries were present in connection with this. Thought of writing this post to transfer the experience gained in obtaining the VISA.
I travelled to Dubai, United Ara…